Grammy award for Culcha Vulcha w/Snarky Puppy!!!

I am sooooo excited to tell you that we got a Grammy for the album Culcha Vulcha with Snarky Puppy!!! This is very special to me because I wrote one of the tunes in the album – Palermo. Thanks for your continuous supper and for believing in good music. Cheers!

Estoy muuuuuy feliz de contarles que ganamos un grammy por el album Culcha Vulcha con Snarky Puppy!!! Este es aún más especial para mi porque escribí unos de los temas del disco – Palermo. Gracias a todos por su apoyo continuo y creer en la buena música! Salud!!


Snarky puppy’s new release “Culcha Vulcha” is out and it includes a tune of mine: “Palermo”

Culcha Vulcha is the last album of Snarky Puppy. It is the band’s first studio album in 8 years and we recorded it in El Paso, Texas at Sonic Ranch Studios. We were there for a bit more than a week, and I have to say it was one of the most inspiring weeks of my life. We shared the percussion stand with Nate Werth and Keita Ogawa and on the drums Robert “Sput” Searight, Jason “JT” Thomas, and Larnell Lewis. I was honored to have one of my songs featured in the album as well, which I called “Palermo” honoring my favorite neighborhood in Buenos Aires and the one in which my parents live. And, randomly, I also have credit as a photographer as I am the photographer of the album cover :) The album debuted at #1 Jazz Current albums in Billboard, and Itunes Jazz charts.

(Culcha Vulcha es el nuevo album de Snarky Puppy. Hacía 8 años que no grababamos un album en estudio, y éste lo grabamos en El Paso, Texas en Sonic Ranch studios. Estuvimos un poco más de una semana grabando y debo decir que fué una de las semanas más inspiradoras de mi vida. Compartimos la percusion con Nate Werth y Keita Ogawa, y en Batería estaban nada menos que Robert Sput Searight, Jason JT Thomas, y Larnell Lewis. Tuve el honor de escribir una composición para el disco a la que le di el nombre “Palermo” haciendo honor a mi barrio favorito en Buenos Aires y en el cual viven mis padres. También soy el fotografo de la tapa del album. El album debutó nro. 1 en los rankings de Billboard y Itunes Jazz.)

Culcha vulcha cover






Here are some reviews that mention “Palermo” in them.

(Aquí algunas reviews que mencionan “Palermo”)

The soundtrack vibe is also present on the glorious “Palermo,” recalling at once Piero Umiliani, Alessandro Alessandroni, and Jon Hassell‘sFourth World, Vol. 1: Possible Musics, with labyrinthine woodwinds, keys, brass, and rhythms

The intellectual heat of composition is most evident in the choppy rhythm of “Grown Folks” or the sizzling energy of “Palermo”


Acoustic brass blurs to trancey electronica on “Palermo” and “Grown Folks” – for me, the stand-outs – while the more cerebral opportunities of the studio show Michael League’s Grammy-winners briefly leaving jazz-funk for a more spacey electronica.

As previous recordings have shown, Snarky Puppy has this way of bringing in worldly rhythm and feel to new audiences through their funk-laced, rhythmic jazz. As they say it’s, “music for the brain and booty”. While this influence ebbs and flows, “Semente” and “Palermo” are great examples of the worldly influence being more upfront, drawing a parallel to previous torch-carriers like The Derek Trucks Band.


Key Tracks: Tarova, Beep Box, Palermo

Melody-led and densely designed, the ego-sublimating ensemble orchestrations submerge the solos within the soundscape. Similarly blended are the array of influences, global and generic. The opener, Tarova, for example, delivers a Southern sermon over a Bollywood beat. Palermo, meanwhile, pits frolicking flamenco
“Palermo” places you right in the tropics with enchanting flutes and vibes that hover over a deep-seated bass line. It grows in intensity and desire as the melody hums with the roar of the ocean. Just close your eyes and Snarky Puppy is capable of taking you to some far out places.

Un Diciembre especial

Luego de un mes de momentos intenso girando por Sudamerica con Snarky Puppy (Sao Paulo, Rio De janeiro, Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile) y por Argentina con Banda Magda, se viene un Diciembre muy especial y con varias buenas noticias:
-Como pueden ver renové mi sitio web
-Grabación con Snarky Puppy en El paso, Texas, en la cual GRABAREMOS UNA COMPOSICION MIA!!
-Lanzamiento de “Cumbia Universal” en el Teatro Colon en Bogotá, Colombia, con Gregorio Uribe Big Band! El Album incluye a Ruben Blades!
-Lanzamiento de “Girando para atrás” con Nicolas Ospina en Teatro Cafam de Bellas Artes en Bogotá, Colombia!
-El disco de Sofia Ribeiro “Mar Sonoro” ya está en nuestras manos. Quedó impresionante el arte y la música! (Bravo Silvia Ospina!)
-Pueden pre-ordenar el disco “Tigre” de Banda Magda en

Screen shot 2015-11-29 at 1.18.01 PM

Conciertos y Talleres en Bogotá, Colombia con 4 bandas diferentes!!

Amigos de Bogotá, estaré por allí desde el 15 al 25 de Febrero dictando talleres, y tocando conciertos con 4 bandas increríbles – Banda Magda, Sofia Ribeiro, Inténtalo Carito (Juan Andrés Ospina y Nicolas Ospina), y el proyecto solista de Nicolas Ospina.

16: Festival “Encuentro” (Tocamos con las 4 bandas)
18: Taller de percusión en “Ortizo Instrumentos Musicales”
19: Taller de Cajón moderno y Concierto con Sofía Ribeiro en Fernando Sor
20: Concierto privado
21: Sofía Ribeiro en Universidad Los Andres
22: Banda Magda en Fernando Sor

Será un festín de buena música!! Espero verlos!

– Más Información sobre talleres en Fernando Sor aquí
– Más información sobre concierto de Sofía Ribeiro en Fernando Sor aquí
– Más información sobre concierto de Banda Magda en Fernando Sor aquí

Colombia – 40th Culture International Festival of Tunja

This month I played in the 40th Culture International Festival of Tunja (Which is incredible by the way!!), Colombia with Sofía Ribeiro´s group. I have no words to express how thankful I am for people receiving us the way they did. So much warmth and love!
The concerts went amazing, people loved them, and the music is sounding better every time we play together. I am really happy with the experience and hope to come back soon for more! Thanks everybody for making us feel like home being so warm! Here is a little taste of the concert!