Portugal tour in November! – CD release Tour “Ar”

Very happy to announce that I will be on tour in November (1st till 11th) with Sofia Ribeiro’s gorup releasing the new CD “Ar”. We will be in Porto, Lisboa and Matosinhos.

Here are the tour details

Band members:
Sofia Ribeiro – voice
Juan Andrés Ospina – piano, arrangements
Petros Klampanis – double bass
Marcelo Woloski – percussion

Nov. 3
Fnac Norteshopping, 22h (Matosinhos, Portugal)
CD release Tour “Ar”

Nov. 4
Hotfive, 17h (Porto, Portugal)
Mil e uma cores

Nov. 7
Onda Jazz, 22h30 (Lisboa, Portugal)

Nov. 8
Salão Brasil, 22h30 (Coimbra, Portugal)

Nov. 9
Fnac Santa Catarina, 18h (Porto, Portugal)

Nov. 9
Passos Manuel, 22h (Porto, Portugal)

Reservations: info@passosmanuel.net

If you would like to purchase the album you an do it at:

And here is Sofías page

Colombia – 40th Culture International Festival of Tunja

This month I played in the 40th Culture International Festival of Tunja (Which is incredible by the way!!), Colombia with Sofía Ribeiro´s group. I have no words to express how thankful I am for people receiving us the way they did. So much warmth and love!
The concerts went amazing, people loved them, and the music is sounding better every time we play together. I am really happy with the experience and hope to come back soon for more! Thanks everybody for making us feel like home being so warm! Here is a little taste of the concert!