These are great news! You should definitely check this album and this musician out. Andres is an amazing bass player with whom I have played for 12 years now, sharing all kinds of musical settings (literally ALL:). I am very happy that I got to be part of his solo album. This one features some of his originals and some covers. It is a quartet of Piano, Sax, Bass, and Percussion (myself).
Based on Andres’ “organic” concept for this album, my percussion set up was small yet very effective: Flamenco cajon. I played it with hands and brushes. It was the first time I played just one instrument throughout the whole record. But this is one of the many details that makes this CD a ‘one of a kind’. Everything was recorded live, we did one rehearsal and one day of Recording session. I was impressed with the efficiency everything was done and how great it turned out.
Great job Andres! And for many more!!

Bass: Andres Rotmistrovsky
Piano: Evgeny Lebedev
Saxophone: Matan Chapnitzka
Percussion: Marcelo Woloski

Andres Rotmistrovsky: Upbeat


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